Miura anti blue light tea color
Miura anti blue light tea color
Miura Tea
Miura Tea
Miura Tea
Miura Tea
Miura anti blue light tea color
Miura anti blue light tea color

Miura Tea

3 Reviews

High quality and stylish computer glasses to protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light of digital devices. It will provide you a better sleep and a healthier life.

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Miura Tea Color

Say goodbye to headaches, migraines, insomnia, and the long-lasting vision impacts of screen-time. Our glasses blocks the harmful blue light, that is being emitted from computer screens, kindles, laptops, ipads, smartphones, tablets, televisions & artificial (LED) light.

✅ Prevent dry eyes 
See how much better you work with relief from the headaches and sore eyes caused by your screen.

✅ Better sleep 
Blue light reduces melatonin, messing up your sleep. Feel the difference a good sleep can have.

✅ Healthy eyes
Blue light may damage eyes, even hasten blindness. And you've so much yet to see of the world.

The improvement you will feel from using our glasses ⬇️

Week 1: You’ll instantly notice a better contrast on the screen, due to the lenses’ special glare-reducing anti-reflective coating. This means no more squeezing your eyes to read that blurry text which makes your eyes dry and tired.

Week 2: After a week you’ll feel less headaches occurring, from staring at screens all day. 

Week 3: Many of our customers have reported that after 2 weeks, they now feel a significant increase in overall sleep quality, feeling more sleepier before bedtime, falling asleep faster and are no longer waking up during the night. 

Week 4: With a lot better sleep quality, you’ll feel the benefits of it. You will notice how well rested and energetic you feel waking up in the mornings.

Product details

Fit: Unisex
Shape: Optical 
Size: Standard
Blue light filter: Yes
Anti-reflective coating: Yes


A = 136mm
B = 12mm
C = 48mm
D = 43mm
E = 137mm

3 Reviews

Definitely block blue light but cause some visual distortion
Excellent style & definitely block blue light, which is easier on the eyes. I stopped wearing them because the minor visual distortion from cheap plastic was bothersome to my vision. Look really cool, tho

Great pair of glasses, worth the money.
I love the product! They definitely help with blocking out the computer lighting and phone lighting.

Great buy!
Love these! They're little big for my face, and I wish they came in a better case however they seem to be working great and are doing exactly what they're meant to!
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