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Ridge Tortoise
Ridge Tortoise
Ridge Tortoise
Ridge Tortoise

Ridge Tortoise

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High quality and stylish computer glasses to protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light of digital devices. It will provide you a better sleep and a healthier life.

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Say goodbye to headaches, migraines, insomnia, and the long-lasting vision impacts of screen-time. Our glasses blocks the harmful blue light, that is being emitted from computer screens, kindles, laptops, ipads, smartphones, tablets, televisions & artificial (LED) light.

✅ Prevent dry eyes 
See how much better you work with relief from the headaches and sore eyes caused by your screen.

✅ Better sleep 
Blue light reduces melatonin, messing up your sleep. Feel the difference a good sleep can have.

✅ Healthy eyes
Blue light may damage eyes, even hasten blindness. And you've so much yet to see of the world.

The improvement you will feel from using our glasses ⬇️

Week 1: You’ll instantly notice a better contrast on the screen, due to the lenses’ special glare-reducing anti-reflective coating. This means no more squeezing your eyes to read that blurry text which makes your eyes dry and tired.

Week 2: After a week you’ll feel less headaches occurring, from staring at screens all day. 

Week 3: Many of our customers have reported that after 2 weeks, they now feel a significant increase in overall sleep quality, feeling more sleepier before bedtime, falling asleep faster and are no longer waking up during the night. 

Week 4: With a lot better sleep quality, you’ll feel the benefits of it. You will notice how well rested and energetic you feel waking up in the mornings.

Product details

Fit: Unisex
Shape: Optical 
Size: Standard
Blue light filter: Yes
Anti-reflective coating: Yes


A = 136mm
B = 18mm
C = 55mm
D = 48mm
E = 143mm

3 Reviews

No more headaches
I use them everyday, they work great. Super comfortable. They don’t come with anything to test them, but I borrowed a friends laser and blue light cord and they do actually filter it out.

Perfect glasses for those “computer headaches”
I didn’t really believe in the bluelight glasses so I decided to put them to the test! I was leaving each work day with bad headaches and just needed a solution. I decided to wear these glasses for 3 days straight in front of the computer...and I have to say, my headaches were gone! If you’re like me and stare at a computer screen, I would recommend trying these out! Plus it doesn’t hurt that they’re stylish too!

They are cute and fashionable, but a little loose on my head. I find myself pushing them up often. A little too tinted for my liking.
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